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What Should I Pay Attention To When Eating Fish For A Folding Cat Feb 07, 2019

Fold is sure a lot of people know, they are lovely about it is of the heart, and bred a lot of people know will want to give some good let them eat, after all, all want them to eat good, to make them can grow well, so at this time of the fish is a very good choice, then how to fold to eat fish, you know? In fact, this is also a lot of exquisite, with adorable small make up to see it together!

First thing to remember is that although they love to eat fish, but also can't give them as staple food to eat the fish, it will make them get into the habit of many, we can eat fish as snacks to feed them, this is also a good choice, on the choice of fish we had better be to choose some freshwater fish to let them eat shark fin is less, if a sting it is best to pick out the thorn and give them to eat.


And give them to eat some things of guts and the gills must clean up, after all, their living environment will be more or less some of the pollution, the pollution of residual material is likely to be in the position of the fish, if you give them to eat will have influence on their body, so I clean up after you eat for small fold the ear also is very be necessary, at the same time also remember is also to cook and give them to eat, because this is the most healthy way.

Many people also like to give the cat to eat some sea fish to keep them for a change, in fact this is wrong, because the magnesium salt can accumulate in their bodies, their kidneys are of great harm, but also note if home small fold the ear of intestines and stomach is sensitive it is best not to give them to eat fish, so to harm their intestines and stomach is very big, so advise here like to eat fish cat master friends pay attention to.