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The Stray Dog That Pick Up Home Grows Up In Cat's Nest, Eat Cat Milk To Walk Cat Walk, Grow Up Not To Use Cat Litter? Mar 30, 2018

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Oral English:

Today on my way home, save the stray dogs, is a group of children siege, poor little fellow, MuMuDe standing in the middle, don't resist, children see it not resist, also had more severe, so I went to condemn the help children, and then with a little one to go home, a little fellow like the look of helpless pain, should be a lot of crime.


Originally I bought little puppy dog food, but it seems not very fond of, I was also thinking of how to feed it, didn't expect the next day to go home, I saw little guy with a group of cats, eating cat mother's milk, I am was a silent feeling of the moment, but to stop several times, and the goods will be in the past, I can't just stop at last.


Our family cat master is just production soon, every day busy fed the kitten, for the sudden appearance of a heterogeneous, maternal daihatsu, master was is not exclusive, are often afraid of it has no milk to drink, it will separate to separate.


Now little one with cat all day, cat learned to drink milk, also scholars cat catwalk, really is to smile dead, I now suspect that, this goods isn't think of yourself as the cat?


The point is, last time, I saw that the goods were like other cats, and they had to pee in the cat litter. This guy is not going to be all that, right?

So I've saved my dog's life?