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The First Time Buy Cat Sand, Careless Mistake Model, Take To Small Milk Cat Time, Immediately Embarrassed! Mar 24, 2018

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Words, today, the more people like to keep the cat cat dog, keep these little guys, is really can bring happiness to our life, of course, if you really decided to keep these little guys, but also not to say that a pet can, this is to study carefully take care of, as they all aspects of life, are to be the thoroughness, as a shovel excrement officer, the most important thing is to understand, "shovel excrement officer," the source of these three words.


No, the netizen has just raised a small milk cat, it is an orange cat, although, the net friend has done the homework before bringing the cat home, but still made the embarrassing mistake.Look at the cat in the picture, believe, if do not say it is cat sand, unfamiliar its you must not recognize.Yes, this is also the embarrassing mistake made by netizens.


Because users themselves as a cat for the first time, although know the value of buy cat litter, but, but don't know the type of cat litter and points, when the net friend to buy cat litter sent home, Internet users would want to say to let their cat try, can put in cats, netizens felt something was amiss, this, is really cat litter?


Later, the net friend took a picture to ask customer service just know, this is for adult cat litter, not the cat with the small milk, hear these words, netizens was immediately shame shame, he would make the wrong, is really empty claims "shovel excrement officer!"So I hope that you will have to pay attention to this problem, as well as the "big black dragon" from stop that now.