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Sizzling Stock: Cat Litter May 12, 2018

The Latest News: http://www.petproductnews.com/May-2018/Sizzling-Stock-Cat-Litter/

For people who share their homes with cats, litter is a necessity. Within this staple category, consumers have some pretty clear demands, said industry participants.

“Consumers want litters that solve specific litterbox problems and, secondly, make their lives easier,” said Jean Broders, senior brand manager for Muscatine, Iowa-based Kent Pet Group, maker of World’s Best Cat Litter.

The most common problems cat owners want to solve relating to the litterbox are odor, clumping, tracking and aesthetics, insiders said.

“We know consumers are looking for less tracking and products that clump well, which lead to a cleaner litterbox and less litter tracked outside of the box,” Broders said.

Sally Adams Trufant, general manager at B&B Pet Stop in Mobile, Ala., said customers look for lightweight litters that reduce odors.

According to Lisa Mak, vice president of marketing for Oil-Dri Corp. in Chicago, lightweight litters now represent about 15 percent of litter retail dollar sales, because they offer both convenience and odor control.


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