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Plant Cat Litter In Baoding Port, Hebei Province, Was First Exported To Thailand Mar 02, 2018

Recently, nearly 10,000 US dollars of plant cat litter exported by Haozhou Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. in Danzhou City, Hebei Province, has been successfully cleared in Thailand. This is another new purpose of the export of the company's products following the successful export to Korea, Malaysia and other regions of China and Taiwan Ground The company is a plant cat litter production enterprises, with advanced automated production equipment, recycling and utilization of the surrounding crops such as straw, corn cob and other raw materials processing plant cat litter, cat litter with an annual output capacity of 6,000 tons. Cat litter is used by owners to feed cats, dogs and other pets used to bury the excrement and urine objects, its characteristics of good hygroscopicity, and can remove odor. Compared with the traditional cat litter, cat litter is a new type of environmentally friendly cat litter.

To help business development, Baoding Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to play a functional role, take the initiative to implement measures to help support the development of enterprises. First, help enterprises in the shortest time to obtain product export qualification. According to the characteristics of enterprise products, carry out risk analysis to determine the product as a low-risk level to quickly help enterprises to obtain export qualification; Second, guide enterprises to continuously develop new species of plant cat litter, collect domestic and foreign plant cat litter varieties, import and export and other related information, guide So that enterprises targeted the development of new varieties to meet the needs of different countries and different customers; third is to help enterprises enhance publicity, and constantly expand the product influence, with excellent product quality to open up new international markets. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the new type of environmental protection cat litter has been widely accepted by overseas businessmen due to its good characteristics. At present, foreign businessmen in many countries such as Singapore, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, UAE and Spain are seeking cooperation with the enterprises and signing supply contracts .