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Cat Litter Can Still Be Used This Way!Stunned! Feb 27, 2018

Cat litter, in fact, is the place where cats poop.

After the whole thing, planed to cover your own poo, from the cat's behavior to feel that the cat is quite clean!

Tired still can rely on rest a while!!!!

Meow: why can't I pull out, this is why?

It must be my wrong posture.

But cat litter is not just a place to go to the bathroom or a place to sleep for some cats.

A cat that likes to sleep on cat litter, so cute...

There are also toys that cats love to play with.

Really is a unique little lovely!

You can say it's very comfortable.

Sleep in.

Cat litter.

That's not sleeping on your own shit!

Ha, ha, ha

Meow: shoveling, you do not understand, this call cat sand spa~~~.

Cat sand spa, massage the rest of the body also send out our cat's unique original fragrance!!

This cat will not sleep cat sand, thinking of the beach sunshine beauty!!!

Ha ha ha ha!