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How To Train Canadian Hairless Cat On The Toilet Jan 23, 2018

No matter how cute the Canadian hairless cat casually on the sofa clothes defecation, shit, then its cute will be greatly reduced. This is a cat's worst. If the cat is well-trained in the toilet, the family will be very clean. Originally, cats like to clean, which is a pet that is easy to train on the toilet.

Training Canada hairless cats to the toilet from an early age, just like humans, when young, the Canadian hairless cats are more receptive, so training kittens properly, the effect will be better. Cats in this period need to learn to use the toilet and set the toilet.

Specific training methods:

1. Kittens Cats Canada kittens start catching urinate cats and cats, then the owner should put his stool on the litter box to cover them. This is to tell kittens that it should be here. Just training can place a newspaper where the kitten activities, just in case.

2. When a Little Canadian hairless cat eats for 15 minutes, place a Canadian hairless cat on a litter tray to remind it to go to the toilet. The beginning of the litter box not to be more than one inch (2.5CM), in order to facilitate the kitten access.

3. If the cat is from someone else's house, you can take a litter of litter sand on your own litter tray from the cat's litter box, and then bring the kitten to the litter tray This taste will know the original toilet here.

4. If Canadian hairless cats are always out of the toilet, you can observe that Canadian hairless cats are more fixed places. At this moment, the owner can put some cat litter in a small dish and the taste of cat litter will induce the Canadian hairless cat into the toilet, so the owner can slowly move this dish every day until it reaches the litter tray local. During this process, Canadian hairless cats have adapted to litter and have developed the habit of cat litter discs.