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Cats Have Just Started, What Are The Things To Be Aware Of? Feb 08, 2018

1. Kittens to be less than two months to drink milk, absolutely can not drink milk because the cat is almost all intolerance to lactose, milk and cans or milk bubble goat's milk. Due to the suggestion from MOLLMY, I find it wrong to use goat milk for lactose intolerant cats. Sheep milk and milk lactose content quite. There is no use of eggs. So it should be specially designed to drink milk for cats, or lactose intolerance for infants drink milk powder. But of course it is recommended to use a cat slightly. 2. Can not be too Qin cat food, the stomach is not good, it is best to choose a very good quality natural grain do not go to change. To natural grain, the price is not much difference. The royal chemical diet seems to kittens (but it seems overnutrition will cause a black chin), cat food after growing up is recommended to eat EVO or blue bufflo this big brand of natural food. 3. Do not use your hand to make cats, after he paws and teeth grow well after some of you feel good, hands are used to caress and instructions, not toys. 4. treat Do not feed too much, treat to do when he is doing things, best with castanets training, eat treat no benefit will only increase the burden on the kidneys. 5. sick must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, you start cats should be prepared to spend a lot of medical expenses. To be responsible in the end. 6. common problems on a cold fever, skin disease, then the words are common moss, respiratory disease, then you'd better first search for the relevant cat asthma, cat cough video, so that after seeing will recognize the symptoms. Do not give cats to people with different doses and ingredients will be poisoned. 7. Do not take a bath often, there will be hurt hair. Occasional vomiting is a normal phenomenon because he will lick around everywhere, too often vomiting is not normal, to carefully observe the frequency of vomiting and vomit. 9. Do not feed cats too often, the cat's staple food should always be dry food. Canned cats can be used as a reward, and some cats can not eat cat cans too much. They will stumble and stool will affect the normal diet. Can also be careful not to expire, too easy to mold after opening the mouth. 10. homemade cat snacks need more research, then my own homemade chicken strips, is simple right after the chicken breast cooked dry air dryer. 11. Let the cats do not go to bed. . . In fact, I feel free, do not let her go to bed he would like to go to bed, if the door will close the door, unless you no longer that room should be okay if he knows you are in this room and he can not get in, then he Will find ways to go in. 12, absolutely can not hit cats, cats are not dogs, cats in particular fend off enemies, cats will let cats lose your trust, and it is difficult to compensate. Penalties can be "throw plastic bags, he was afraid of the sound of plastic bags," water with a small spray gun, or shouted at him, punished to be implemented immediately can not delay a little bit or counterproductive. 13. Do not want to cat near the place can be spread with tin foil, because he stepped on the sound he would be afraid. Or with double-sided adhesive, he does not like the feeling of being stuck (but this method is a little dirty because it will be gray). 14. It is best to grow some cat grass on a regular basis to reduce a little feed, regulate gastrointestinal.