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Better Than Rice: Litter Cat Litter Can Make Life Back To Life Jan 12, 2018

July 5 news, many people know that if the phone fell into the water, you can put it in the rice, it may save their lives. Now researchers have found that cat litter is better than rice in saving driftwood phones.

The researchers found that crystal cat litter the high water-absorbing crystal to make it stronger than the average clay cat litter adsorption, but also much stronger than the adsorption capacity of rice, so this is the artifact to save the phone, if the phone inadvertently water Just pick up your cellphone from the water as soon as possible, and after it is air-dried, put your cellphone in a bag of crystal cat litter. Be careful to let it dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer because the hair dryer will infiltrate the water.

Of course, if there is no cat litter on hand, then rice is acceptable, but the effect may not be good cat litter. In addition, the desiccant carried in the new shoes and purses can also save the phone, but at least 24 hours.