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Small Business To Make Big Market Qingdao Citizens Sell Cats Into The Millions Jan 11, 2018

In June 2000, 30-year-old Ang Lee walked out of the state-owned enterprises to engage in business, cat litter business started. Some people may not understand, this to the cat shit peeing service industry can make money? According to the statistics of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, there are 100 million cats raised by Chinese people, an industry that seems a bit "disdainful". Qingdao people will receive 80% of the cat litter business in the world.

    Ang Lee, is one of them.

    A native of Qingdao, the top three in the segment, with sales of $ 12 million a year, his cat litter brand "kitty sand" has been registered in over 10 countries and sold over 40 Country, the ideal of Shandong Han is to create China's first brand of cat litter.

    Looking back start-up: 9 months did not "open and"

    Ang Lee, is not what "rich second generation", there is no social relations, came from an ordinary family: his father had been a soldier, the mother is a teacher, two old just want him to live in peace and stability. After graduating from Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology in 1990, Ang Lee was assigned to a chemical plant to start a business, which is 10 years.

    However, at the turn of the century, Ang Lee, who was 30 years old, decided to go it alone. This decision terrified her parents and left her with good jobs. In this way, he went to sea. A man rented a dozen or so cubicles in an office building near 25, "in his own words," intending to do something. "

    The road to entrepreneurship is lonely, warm and cold self-knowledge, this is not false.

    No contacts, no resources, do not understand the Internet, a seemingly stubborn young people started a long way to start. "Because I did not have a client, I started to sweep the floor." When foreign companies were working in star hotels such as Haitian, Huiquan Dynasty and Regent, I knocked door-to-door in the past, as long as I saw the sign of a foreign company I knocked on the door, but maybe the company did not go its own way. "

    This sweeping method with little effect. From June 2000 until the establishment of the company in March 2001, 9 months he did not make a business, "I travel to Beijing, bookstores have sold foreign exporters list, because I am not expensive to buy, I copied a few above. At that time to send a fax abroad to spend a dozen yuan, in order to save money I wrote to others. "This" Stranger "let him find someone willing to buy litter, at least Interested people

    Due to diligence, honesty, some foreign clients get married with him. Later, dealings with foreigners more, Ang Lee found chemical origin is not good his own poor English. "I enrolled in the night school to study in the sea, when a lot of people to night school is to mix a diploma, to take a class three or four individuals a class in the winter, even if so I insisted." Memories, he said with a smile, "I Thick skin, dare to say, dare to practice, and dialogue with foreigners basically no problem.

    In the company nearly a year after its establishment, Ang Lee finally on track. In 2001, his company had annual sales of 200,000 U.S. dollars, followed by 600,000 U.S. dollars, 800,000 U.S. dollars, 2.4 million U.S. dollars, 5.2 million U.S. dollars, and 12 million U.S. dollars. He also recruited a few assistants from "Guang Bang Commander" 50 people's team ...

    World War I fame: "Qingdao Daan" was praised

    "Taiwan's Lee won Oscar and Qingdao's Lee An won China!" In 2008, "Win in China" 36 into 12 games, No. 1 player Ang Lee's opening speech made many Qingdao people understand the tall and honest Hometown people.

    "I have the same name as a famous director, but contestants like to call me Daan in Qingdao." Because of this distinctive geographical symbol, a few years later she walked down the streets of the island city, and some people would even say, "I seem to have seen you there."

    In CCTV "over-electricity" experience let him unforgettable. Reporter hard to believe in front of this simple and can not be simple middle-aged man, then crazy to participate in the "Financial Draft" program. Once on a business trip, night boring to fiddle with the TV remote control, I suddenly saw the second CCTV broadcast in the second "win in China" finals, judges Ma, Niu Gensheng, Zhu Xinli and other business leaders on the stage of the grassroots entrepreneurs Fan wonderful comments make me excited, because entrepreneurs such as us too much confusion, if I can meet with them to see how good! "Just a simple idea, a sudden impulse to change the subsequent life of Ang Lee, "The program's intermittent commercials, just broadcast the third race began to register, I was immediately thrilled to turn on the computer, fill in the form." Ang Lee recalled.

    A late night TV show, Ang Lee surging, want to shake hands with the business giant. But with the busy work, he also gradually forgot the application, life has returned to calm.

    A month later, Ang Lee travel to Japan, is talking business with customers, a phone rang. "Because I could not see the domestic phone number in overseas, I politely gave it away, and it sounded again and I hung it again." Ang Lee did not know this phone was "Win in China" "At noon, the phone rang again, and one of the staff members said that this was the last time we notified you to join our 3,000 sea election and invited you to our interview." However, according to the program group , Ang Lee had not yet returned to accept the "telephone interview", half a month after he received the notice "OK, into the 1080!" So, Ang Lee from the national 150,000 applicants step by step 3000, 1080, 108, 36, 12, until the top seven!

    Reporters look at the game video of the year, did not think this unspeakable Ang Lee is also so passionate at the scene, he often outstretched his fist, when nearly 40 years of his blood Fangang.

    A trivia event is very interesting, 36 into 12 games, Yu Minhong asked Ang Lee: "What is your favorite animal?" Ang Lee said without hesitation "dog!" The audience laughs, Yu Minhong asked: "Yes There is no animal you really want to love and hug? "Ang Lee replied:" There are oxen and horses! "At this moment, even Yu Minhong could not help laughing and said," Why do you not like cats if you are doing cat litter? " ... is such a simple character won the judges and audience favorite.

    Memories of that game experience, Ang Lee said at that time is "the truth revealed," "We have the top 36 draw row order, the other 35 people are rushed to the pumping, pumping finished a sign left, I took a look, NO.1 The first game! "The first match of the game generally do not dominate the scene after the spotlight was a big shot, he said really" Meng ", even the opponents say" you can also qualify this performance? "However, , Is this "cute" and true, so many people remember him.