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Farewell Cat Litter Scoop! Time-saving And Clean Cat Litter Box Jan 08, 2018

Cat slaves, you know best to wait for a high cold meow is a kind of heart plug, shovel shovel Officer waving cat litter scoop every day, shovel shovel, sieve sieve ... ... may also pull pull endless cat litter , Read today introduced litter box, shovel feces official since then upgraded to screen feces official, the air a new look, you will laugh, right?

Designer Dini Petty, a famous TV presenter in the 1990s, put forward the idea of a litter box in 1995, this time redesigning the litter box with her son Nick. The designer's litter box, stacked with three fluted trays, removes the shovel and removes cat feces thoroughly.

The three identical plastic slotted trays, which require a simple swapping out of the way to clear the cat litter, rotate the second tray by 180 and place it on the bottom of the first tray with the slots in both trays locked Together, form a complete litter box at the bottom. While the third layer and the second layer placed in the opposite direction, both constitute the bottom of the complete litter box. When cleaning the cat litter, you only need to lift the top litter box to scoop up the cat feces, then turn to the bottom for 180 °, then repeat the cycle. In order to stabilize, designers also add plastic ears on both sides of the tray, the three-tier tray scattered stacked, to prevent cats stampede litter box.

With this litter box sieve feces official who do not have to worry about your cat litter shovel disappeared, cat litter in the cat litter will be cleared. But pay attention to the rules of operation Oh.