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The United States, The Largest Production Of China's Reserves Topped The Country's Key Mineral Development What Magic Jan 05, 2018

The "Non-metallic Mining Industry's Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan" released by the country lists the output of major non-metallic mineral products during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, in which the average annual growth rate of bentonite reached the highest level, reaching 12%.


1, the status of the world's bentonite resources

The world is rich in bentonite, mainly distributed in the Pacific Rim, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea a black kelp. The main resources are the United States, China, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Japan, among which the United States, China and Russia have proven reserves accounting for 4/5 of the world's total reserves.

Sodium bentonite is mainly produced in Wyoming, United States, in addition, Russia, Italy, Greece and China are also distributed.

The main origin of natural white bentonite is Texas of the United States and Nevada, Turkey's Ankara region, Italy's Sardinia and Morocco.

2, the status of the world production of bentonite

It is estimated that in 2014, the global yield of bentonite is about 17.51 million tons. The United States is the world's largest producer of bentonite. Its output is about 4.66 million tons, accounting for 27% of the world's total output. China produces about 4 million tons, accounting for 23% of the world's total output.

Over the years, North America has always been the world's largest producer of bentonite. In the recent 10 years, the bentonite industry in Asia has developed rapidly. From 2013, the production of bentonite in Asia surpassed that of North America and became the world's largest bentonite producing area.

3, the world status of bentonite consumption

The global consumption of bentonite varies according to the geographical needs. The bentonite in the United States is mainly used in the field of adsorbents and drilling muds. The EU bentonite is mainly used in the field of cat litter and foundry. The bentonite in Asia is mainly used in the field of foundry.

4, the status of foreign bentonite market and trends

(1) Bentonite market abroad

The global supply of bentonite is relatively stable in 2014. North America is still the largest market for bentonite minerals for drilling muds.

Bentonite has been used in traditional drilling engineering for many years, but the use of bentonite in hydraulic fracturing has increased in 2014. To date, most of the large-scale shale oil and gas development projects are located in the United States. Looking back to 2014, demand for bentonite in the drilling field continued to grow.

Bentonite prices for drilling muds, iron ore pellets, cat litters and other end-use applications are currently stable. Cat litter has exceeded the field of drilling has become the main driving bentonite market, bentonite market has been little fluctuation. In particular, bentonite producers who produce high value-added products are subject to very little price volatility.

In North America, the prices of bentonite products at all levels declined due to the weak market, the lower demand and the more fierce market competition in oil and gas and iron ore pellets.

(2) current international bentonite market price

Demand for bentonite in the world is rising at a rate of 2% per annum, with Asia and South America being the largest growth areas at speeds of 4% to 5% per annum. North American demand growth is slower, but still the largest consumer bentonite area.

In 2014, the global demand for bentonite was 20.43 million tons. Bentonite dosage ranked in the top four are casting, iron ore pellets, cat litter and drilling mud and other fields.

(3) Global trend of bentonite market

According to the prediction of Roskilde Information Service Co., Ltd., the global production of bentonite will increase by 4%. By 2020, the production of bentonite will reach 22.3 million tons and that of bleaching earth will reach 4.2 million tons.

It is estimated that by the year of 2020, the global demand for bentonite will reach 25.1 million tons and the demand for bleaching earths will reach 6.1 million tons. The world's largest application of bentonite for the casting market, followed by iron ore pellet and drilling mud field.

By 2020, drilling is expected to remain an important market for Bentonite applications in North America. Asia and South America, bentonite consumption in the field of drilling will increase.

The global energy demand is forecast to grow at 4%. Natural gas and oil consumption will continue to grow strongly. New drilling production and production will bring about 3% annual growth in demand for bentonite.

5, the world bentonite development strategy analysis

In recent years, the world area of rapid growth in consumption of bentonite products are:

(1) Engineering

The use of bentonite lubricity, adhesive sealing, thickening and gelling mud. Can be used for a variety of soil operations lining seepage, such as land seepage control, cement and concrete construction additives, sewage treatment and tunnel shield lubrication.

(2) cat litter

The use of bentonite strong adsorption, and contaminated cat litter easy to handle. As bentonite for cat litter requires adsorption of liquid and odor ability, uniform particle size, does not disintegrate after damp.

(3) special market

Including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical and so on. The main use of activated bentonite, organic bentonite and white bentonite.

In recent years, the international demand for white bentonite is increasing. White bentonite is mainly used in insulation porcelain, plasticizers and other fields, because of its less output, so all countries are actively looking for new white bentonite resources. Foreign companies producing white bentonite products, including the United States Mining Technology Group, Milburn Limited and other enterprises.

At the same time, bentonite is also a "non-metallic mining industry," 13th Five-Year "Development Plan" China's future will focus on the development of products, mainly for the development of high-end bentonite.