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Little Coup To Reduce Cat Toilet Smell Jan 04, 2018

Cat mates tend to experience the smell of cats and lavatories, and many owners have a headache for cats and lavatories due to cats defecating at home. How to reduce the smell of cat toilet it? Wave network Xiaobian introduce you to a few small coup.

First, to reduce cat toilet odor

1, choose a good cat litter

Some good cat litter, especially the addition of odor cats and minerals cat litter, does more than ordinary cat litter adsorption fecal smell.

2, put more cat litter

Do not begrudge the use of cat litter, cat litter litter sand at least to be paved 5 to 10 cm, so cats can effectively cover with cat litter cat poo.

3, deodorant spray

Some marketed specials for cat litter that contain deodorant ingredients can also reduce the odor around cat toilets.

4, cat litter deodorant powder

Compared to deodorant spray, we are still more familiar with cat litter deodorant powder, as long as the sprinkle on the cat litter on it.

Second, small objects to help reduce the cat toilet odor

1, activated carbon

Activated carbon odor adsorption, you can put some cat litter around the cat toilet activated carbon package.

2, broken tea leaves

Sprinkle directly in the cat litter can also effectively remove the smell inside the cat toilet, the most important is the end of the cheap tea as long as a dozen yuan a kilogram.

3, lavender flowers

Experiments have shown that scented dried flowers can also remove foul smells in kitty toilets, but it should be noted that only dry plants that do not repel and are non-repellent to cats can be selected.