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The Value Of 7560 US Dollars, Longkou Tofu Cat Litter For The First Time Out Of The Country Dec 27, 2017

Recently, a group of 9,600 kilograms, the value of $ 7,560 tofu cat litter products passed the inspection and quarantine of Longkou ECIQ system trial single release, sent to South Korea. This is the first time Longkou area plant-derived pet supplies.

Litter cat litter is used to bury cats and cats urine and urine objects. Tofu cat litter is one of the better species, made with bean curd plant material, relatively environmentally friendly, dust-free non-toxic, harmless to cats on the people, and can flush the toilet directly, very popular with foreign consumers.

In order to ensure the smooth export of the batch of goods, Longkou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau started from the record factory, and actively guide enterprises to establish and improve the quality and safety management system, improve pest prevention work, and through information technology to continuously improve service levels, in accordance with the fastest service, the lowest cost , Serving the best "three most" port requirements, through the trial of a single release of the batch of export tofu litter rapid nuclear release, improve the efficiency of customs clearance and reduce the cost of corporate clearance, allowing enterprises to effectively experience the "best" inspection and quarantine service.