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Does Cat Litter Require Two Kinds Of Mix? Is It Mixed? May 10, 2018

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1. Choose cat sand to see water absorption, grouting and deodorization.

When choosing cat litter for cats, pet owners need to see water absorption, clumping and deodorization.

Good cat litter, use rise in cat won't have feces stink after defecate, can cover up good dung, clumps, pet owners need only at the time of cleaning, the cluster of cat sand shovel out is ok.

In a few common cat litter, bean curd cat sand, pine cat sand, bentonite cat sand is good.

2.Choose clean cat litter.

Cat litter needs to be cleaned regularly, and after the cat defecate, the pet owner will regularly shovel the cat litter in the litter box.

If the cat is not in a group, it is not easy to clean, it will waste a lot of pet owners' use, and the cat will smell bad.

Pet owners can choose cat litter that is better handled by cats, such as tofu cat litter, pine cat litter and bentonite litter.

The individual likes the bentonite cat sand, the material is relatively green, and the deodorization is also good.

3.Choose cat litter.

No matter what type of cat sand is chosen, word of mouth is more important, it is recommended that the pet owner should give the cat litter when choosing cat litter.

If cat litter doesn't work well, cats don't like to use it, and pet owners can use some of the older brand's litter, such as lint bentonite.

In the process of feeding the cat, the pet owner should regularly change the litter litter, clean the litter box and maintain good hygiene.