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Cats Are Abandoned Because They Do Not Use Cat Litter. After Careful Examination, They Know Why? Mar 28, 2018

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As a cat lover, as the majority of cats and cats, the most hated is that those who kept the cat were abandoned.And the reasons for abandoning them are various: the family is allergic, too naughty to break a lot of things in the house, the cat is sick with no money, too busy to take care of...For all the weird reasons, why don't you think of all these things before you have a cat?

This cat abandoned, because it never excretion in basin of cat litter, but aid organizations, found that the owner of the cat was actually, haven't found the cause of the cats don't sand basin...


The cat, called Dixie, found that it actually had a urinary tract infection and an upper respiratory tract infection, which was particularly bad when it was abandoned.

Dixie is said to have been bullied by other cats before, so she has been especially insecure, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't use the litter box.


But its former owner left it at the shelter.

It won't stay in the shelter for long, because it will be euthanized when the time comes.

Fortunately, the rescue organization (KFF, Kenosha, WI) took over after knowing about Dixie.


They designed a recovery plan for Dixie, first of all to build up its self-confidence gradually, to give it a safe and calm environment, and let its mentality slowly recover.

In addition, the treatment plan for Dixie was also brought to the stage to treat the existing urinary tract problems and to help Dixie clean up the gums and protruding teeth.


Then one day, the staff was surprised to find that Dixie had come out of the cat's toilet and finally began to accept the litter box.

This means that its psychological condition has improved and it is ready to adopt new adoptions!


So the chosen adopter, Danny, drives to pick up Dixie's new home.

When she arrived at her new home, Dixie made a tour of her new territory, like all cats, and confirmed that it was the place to be.


This beautiful flower cat was once scared to hide under the sofa, but now it is indulging in the endless love of human being unable to extricate itself.