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Cat Sand Microwave Drying Equipment For 500 KGS Per Hour. Apr 02, 2018

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Cat litter microwave drying equipment compared with the traditional drying equipment, the whole production line automation, PLC intelligent control panel, and microwave drying is litter itself fever, water from inside to outside, has a certain expansion effect, so the cat litter good water imbibition of microwave drying, microwave drying with sterilization function at the same time, a machining process, and realize dry sterilization, sterilization doesn't have to deal with.

Characteristics of cat sand microwave drying equipment:

  1. Clean and clean.

General industrial heating equipment is larger, occupies more land, the surrounding environment temperature is also relatively high, the operation worker labor condition is poor, the intensity is big.

However, the microwave heating covers a small area and avoids the high temperature of the environment. The working conditions of the workers have been greatly improved.

Jinan riwei microwave dryer.

2. Strong penetration ability of microwave heating.

Far infrared heating is much more frequent than microwave heating, and the heating efficiency is better, but it is not. There is also a concept of penetrating power.

Far infrared heating has many advantages and is widely used, but from the penetrating ability of the object, far infrared is far less than microwave.

What is penetration?

Penetrating power is the ability of electromagnetic waves to penetrate into the medium. Electromagnetic waves travel from the surface into the medium and propagate within it, as the energy is absorbed and converted into heat.

3. High temperature

Dielectric absorption per unit volume of the microwave power is proportional to the square of the electric field intensity, so that you can under the high field strength makes processing objects in a very short period of time to rise to the need of processing temperature.

The high temperature can also produce the sterilization effect under the influence of the product quality.

Jinan riwei microwave dryer.

4. Quick control and quick response.

Conventional heating methods, such as steam heating, electric heating, infrared heating, etc., to achieve a certain temperature, will take time, in the event of a malfunction or stop heating, the temperature drop and a long time.

Microwave heating can quickly transfer the microwave power to the desired value within seconds, heating it to the appropriate temperature for automatic and continuous production.

The most important improvement in cat culture is the use of cat litter. Early cat litter was mainly composed of non-congealing cat litter.

However, with the continuous improvement of cat sand technology, people are not limited to receiving such simple things, so they are constantly showing the present coagulation sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on.

Traditional cat sand drying equipment for rolling drum drying, but does not guarantee the integrity of the cat litter, cat litter microwave drying equipment, it is easy to damage the original shape of cat litter, which break, the particles size, color is also difficult to guarantee, directly led to the finished product quality, causes the customer does not endorse or buy on price.

Now our company has developed a new type of cat sand microwave drying equipment, which solves this problem perfectly.

Cat litter only need to walk on the conveyor belt can be dry, and the drying time need only 3 minutes or so, cat litter microwave drying equipment supply, no longer need to rolling friction, causing unnecessary damage, short drying time and drying temperature is only about 45 degrees, to keep quality is quite good, and good water into a ball.

The output can be customized according to the demand.

Microwave drying equipment belong to the non-standard custom classes, don't know your specific production, material properties, plant cannot directly offer the size of the case, you are welcome to call that actual production conditions, our company has professional technical engineers will be according to your production details to design customized solutions, tailored, recommend the most suitable for you, the highest cost performance of microwave equipment.