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Cat Sand Dryer Complete Production Line. Mar 31, 2018

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Shandong bully microwave equipment, drying equipment, drying technology co., LTD is a research, development, manufacture and technical advisory services of high-tech enterprises, and professional development and production of various kinds of drying equipment | grain drier | chemical drying equipment | medicine drying equipment | food drying equipment | light drying equipment drying equipment | | agricultural products feed drying equipment.

Advanced technology, stable production process, professional installation services.

Have been engaged in the drying industry for many years, accumulated the engineering practical experience.

Hebei cat sand drying machine factory home | cat sand dryer spot.

Cat litter is the owners for their breeding cats used to bury the object of excrement and urine, have good water imbibition, usually with cat sand basin, or the cat toilet use, along with all the pour litter in the basin of cat litter, trained the cat when the need to discharge into the cat sand basin drain on its top.

The most important improvement in cat culture is the use of cat litter. Early cat litter was mainly composed of non-congealing cat litter.

However, with the continuous improvement of cat sand technology, people are not limited to receiving such simple things, so they are constantly showing the present coagulation sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on.

Microwave cat sand drying equipment how much money cat sand microwave drying equipment features:

1. Clean and clean.

General industrial heating equipment is larger, occupies more land, the surrounding environment temperature is also relatively high, the operation worker labor condition is poor, the intensity is big.

However, the microwave heating covers a small area and avoids the high temperature of the environment. The working conditions of the workers have been greatly improved.

Jinan yue hong microwave dryer.

2. Strong penetration ability of microwave heating.

Far infrared heating is much more frequent than microwave heating, and the heating efficiency is better, but it is not. There is also a concept of penetrating power.

Far infrared heating has many advantages and is widely used, but from the penetrating ability of the object, far infrared is far less than microwave.

What is penetration?

Penetrating power is the ability of electromagnetic waves to penetrate into the medium. Electromagnetic waves travel from the surface into the medium and propagate within it, as the energy is absorbed and converted into heat.

3. High temperature

Dielectric absorption per unit volume of the microwave power is proportional to the square of the electric field intensity, so that you can under the high field strength makes processing objects in a very short period of time to rise to the need of processing temperature.

The high temperature can also produce the sterilization effect under the influence of the product quality.

Jinan yue hong microwave dryer.

4. Quick control and quick response.