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Cat Litter Placement And Hygiene, Abnormal Bowel Movements Are Not Necessarily Ill. Mar 21, 2018

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Since cats naturally bury their excrement, the cat's habit is much easier than the dog's.

But cats are sensitive animals, and sometimes for subtle reasons, they can lead to abnormal bowel movements.


The appropriate cat bedpan placement.

First you have to decide where to place the bedpan, preferably where the cat is in and out.

Once you've decided where you want to go, don't change it at will, which will cause confusion and unusual behavior.


She cleans the litter in the bedpan every day.

Cats don't like the dirty cat in the pan, defecate shovel excrement officer must clean up the litter pan, everyday will condense sand ground, and clean up the bowl every week, to keep the cat bowl clean, on the one hand can be encouraged to continue to use the cat, because cats on the other hand is also keep the body healthy.