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A Cat Can Smell The Durian Ground Cat Sand: Shoveling Officer This Is Let Me Bury A Stool For Him. Mar 26, 2018

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Durian is a very special fruit.People who like it think it smells good, and people who don't like it smell like poop.Many pet owners like to give their pets a taste of this particular fruit and see how they react.


The cat carefully sniffs the little piece of durian...


Cat: ah ah ah good familiar smell ~ why my claw not to control oneself to move!What did the host give me?Um......Ah!This is the smell of poop, no wonder I'm instinctively scratching the cat sand!It stinks. The owner's poop stinks!My master even gave me his poop!Is that what I'm supposed to bury?


Cat: what exactly did the host eat to make such a smelly poop?

Oh, oh, it's killing Ben.

This meow needs to bury it quickly!

Why, strange, why the busy life so long, the owner's poop is not buried at all!

It's still stinking!