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Wood litter cat litter Nov 23, 2017

Main components: This kind of cat litter is made of recycled pinewood, pulp or wheat byproduct, and belongs to the environmental protection type of cat litter.

The basic efficacy of sawdust cat litter is similar to that of crystal cat litter, which is made of sawdust as the main raw material, supplemented with a small amount of natural binder granulation, no dust or dust is small, will not cause air pollution, and impermeable The ability is very strong, with better clumping and smoking function. Direct absorption of urine, can be directly thrown away to the toilet, usually do not need too much cleaning. However, litter cat litter will become powder after absorption of urine, until the entire basin becomes almost powder, you can discard all, long service life. Basically litter cat litter is not stinky, but the taste of wood is bound to be, if you do not like the owner of pine wood or other shavings should consider whether to buy. The price is slightly higher than the condensed cat litter and crystal sand.

* Advantages:

(1) good water absorption.

(2) less odor.

(3) low loss rate, long service life.

(4) easy to use, into a powder or discarded into the toilet can be.

(5) Allegedly reduce the incidence of urinary tract symptoms in FUS cats.

* Disadvantages:

(1) sawdust easily damp, flea flea.

(2) Some cats do not like the taste of wood, do not adapt to the touch, or even refuse to use.

(3) the price is slightly more expensive than the condensed cat litter.

(4) sawdust powder can easily be taken out of the basin, polluting home.