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The type of long-haired cat Nov 23, 2017

Hair length 5 ~ 10cm, soft and smooth, depending on the season and a slight change. Graceful body, steady action; gentle personality, strong dependence, like to be close to people; soft, like to be spoiled in front of the owner. Although the fur needs to sort out every day, early summer will shed a lot of hair. Daily care is a bit cumbersome, but as a companion animal, but also much loved by the people.

The main varieties of long-haired cats are as follows:

Persian cats (longhair), Chinchillas, Himalayan cats (generally, a type of Persian cat with a Chinchilla and a Himalayan cat) Maine, Berman, Angora, Turkish Vikings, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian forest cat, puppet cat, Somali cat

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