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Paper litter cat litter Nov 23, 2017

Main components: Part of the litter contains cat litter, some are made of waste newsprint.


Paper cat litter is soft sand, the same size as rice. In deodorization, paper litter cat litter due to particle size, hardness and general ore almost, so it is not easy to smell out. Paper litter currently available on the market generally contains activated charcoal, deodorant is also helpful. Paper litter cat litter due to smaller particles, so the amount of smaller, although no caking, but after the urine will be gray, it is easy to identify, easy to remove. And can be washed into the toilet, more convenient.

* Disadvantages: Condensation power of paper litter is a little weaker. Some litter cat litter can condense when used, but it will turn into a mushy paste.