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Wonderful treatment of beauty circle cat litter regal film caviar can come face Feb 12, 2018

In fact, there are a lot of beauty treatments in the beauty circle. For example, cat litter is used to adjust the mask, flame beauty, and caviar apply face. Let's meet with each other.

1. Cat litter transfer mask: cat litter is used for cats buried cat litter and urine objects, have better water absorption, this product can be used to transfer the mask, it touches the first time I heard. In 2009, Michelle Phan released a video of a DIY kitty cat mask on YouTube. In fact, cat litter is a part of the adhesive. If you want to try your own mask, be sure to use clean cat litter.

2 flame healing skin: Flame beauty is not a movie special effects, many years ago, in China it has a nice name - fire treatment. In the process of operation with a towel soaked in a "special panacea", and then deposited on the skin lit, the whole therapy can stimulate skin cell regeneration play a role, of course, also suitable for weight loss. Many beauty salons have such a course of treatment, do not easily try at home, the fire is not a joke.

3. Caviar apply face: If you have eaten caviar, may wish to apply face. Although the smell of caviar, but it has super moisturizing and firming effect. Angelina Jolie loves to use the essence of sturgeon roe skin care. Catherine Zeta Jones also wiped it over her hair to achieve an immediate flash of sheen.


4. Facial needle: Early court beauty in a jade wheel, and later appeared on the jade round of thorns, rolled over the face to stimulate the formation of collagen. But in fact it is also very dangerous, one is swelling takes time, the other is susceptible to bacteria, try to be extra careful.