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How to buy the right items Feb 24, 2018

Kittens like to be excreted in the dust or sand. They are also happy to do this if you guide them to defecate in a litter box. If you started training the cat when you got it home, it would get used to litter immediately. In this process, it is particularly important to find a suitable litter box and encourage kittens to use litter. However, you can not train kittens to use cat litter at home. Actually you do not need to teach a kitten how to do it, and its instinct will automatically teach it. You just need to provide a properly sized, accessible cat litter box

1.Pick a big cat litter box. Although kittens can drill into smaller boxes, they grow too fast and you have to change boxes soon after. If you need to change boxes then you have to retrain kittens so it's best to start with a box that lasts for a long time.

Kittens can drill into larger boxes, as long as the boxes have a shorter side, they can move forward just fine. If you find a particularly large box and are not sure if your kitten can climb in, you can make a slope with a piece of plywood or other trappable plate. Bring it to one side of the box with cloth tape and wait for the kitten to grow large enough before taking it.

2.Consider using a closed cat litter box. Some cat litter boxes are encircled or around the top. This cat litter box has two advantages: First, cats can prevent cat litter caused by the cat litter spill or leakage, the second is to isolate the smell. Some cats also find the closed litter box a more safe place for them.

Make sure the enclosed litter box is large enough for the cat to turn around in the box to feel comfortable. Most cats smell their excrement and bury them after defecation, so a litter box needs to provide enough room for the cat to do it.

Some cats initially repel the closed litter box during the lead-up. You can remove the box door to adapt it to the cat litter box to make the transition.

3.Buy cat litter. There are many types of cat litter available on the market and are generally suitable for young or adult cats (8 months and above). Try to choose no dust cat litter, so to avoid dust to stimulate the cat's lungs. In the selection of cat litter you can refer to the following points:

Use unscented cat litter whenever possible. Both kittens and adult cats may not like scented cat litter. If the smell is too heavy, they will consider using the toilet elsewhere . In addition, some scent will stimulate the cat's nose and eyes and cause respiratory problems.

Consider shoveling litter. Because it makes it easy to clean the pussy's waste. Note that cats may swallow such cat litter and may get sick. However, a similar situation has not occurred yet.  

Choose common, easy to buy cat litter. Some cats get accustomed to using a particular cat litter. If you change the type of cat litter or brand, they may not know, do not use such a cat litter box.

4.Buy a shovel and a cover sheet. To train your kitten to use litter, you need to buy a shovel to clean the cat's excrement, and lay a cover under the litter box to prevent cat litter from splotting your room.