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How to train cats to use cat litter Jan 30, 2018

Cats may not change their toilet in the litter box because of environmental changes or changing litter boxes for cat litter, etc. Newborn kittens also encounter such problems. How to train their cats to use litter properly? The following pets Mall to teach you four steps to easily get the cat does not use the litter box problem ~ ~

The first step is to prepare a cat litter box and place it in a fixed place in your home. The litter box can be done by yourself or on the market, then spread over a litter of litter in the basin.

Second, in normal life, the breeder should familiarize the cat with the litter. First of all, you can catch the cat and put it in the basin. Then gently tap the head and buttocks and tell it that this is where the toilet later. Although the cat does not start to understand what you mean, it will be slowly understood and understood through training and understanding.

The third step is to master the time and rules of cats and cats, pay close attention to the behavior of the cat before the cat has not formed a good habit. Cats found signs of urine, cats should be promptly guided or caught in a fixed sand pot, let it urinate.

The fourth step, the sand in the dirt to clean up in time, but also to the smell of cat defecation and urine left in the sand pot, so you can attract cats to defecation, more conducive to the cat to grow in the fixed sand Toilet bowel habits.

Training cats to urinate in the sand pot takes some time. The time may be one week or two weeks, or longer. Training is the most important thing is to require breeders have enough patience and determination, the only way to train pet cat litter work in the sand to be successful.