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Crystal cat litter Nov 23, 2017

Crystal cat litter is translucent beads or beads of some irregular particles, some brands will be mixed with beads of different colors, the effectiveness of anti-mildew, antibacterial, deodorant and so on.

Crystal cat litter strengths are strong absorption, the beads will change color after absorbing urine, until the entire basin about Bacheng discoloration, you can all new. Of course, stool will not disappear, or to clean up every day.


1, powerful deodorant It can keep the odor in the urine or excrement tight and does not exude, keeping the air in your room fresh and odorless.

2, super fast moisture absorption It can quickly exhaustion of pet urine, excrement in a very short period of time; Moisture absorption of more than 80% of its weight while still maintaining the appearance of dry.

3, lasting effect. 4 pounds / bag of cat litter can be a cat for more than a month.

4, strong antibacterial. Because the litter box is dry, bacterial growth is reduced. If you use antibacterial cat litter, but also has a bactericidal effect.

5, easy to handle. Silica litter does not caking, leaving no imprint, no dust, light weight, less waste, can be treated as ordinary garbage off; home easy to use and safe.


(1) beads are light and round very easily be set aside; many cats are interested in beads, often get out to play. Some cats will eat the crystal sand, more dangerous.

(2) close to full absorption but can also be used, the smell of ammonia is very heavy, deodorant effect failure, the owner will be struggling in the end or not to change. Each change of sand when the gas must be closed for a long time.

(3) light foot on the crystal cat litter is very painful Oh!

(4) Crystal sand dust is also great, and some cats smell of sand for the new situation will occur cough.

(5) can not be thrown into the toilet washed.

Suggestion: Some people use double litter box, the upper loaded crystal cat litter, the lower condensation cat litter or cat diapers to absorb the urine flow to reduce wear and tear.