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Bamboo sand sand Nov 23, 2017

Bamboo sand water absorption in general, more particles powder.

Grass sand, also known as plant cat litter): the most hateful design, the appearance is very much like the sand, but is often too light cat out of the basin. Deodorant, odor absorption function are not replaced may not be smelly themselves. This product was originally designed to solve the problem of fire in remote areas to create "fuel particles", has nothing to do with the cat litter, put it as cat litter Mongolia to sell the really hateful.

Plants and their by-products, environmental protection, biodegradable, by a variety of plants such as wheat, corn, grass, alfalfa peanut shells and orange peel dried crushed derived from debris or powder derived. It may be safer for cats with health problems because he is very dusty or essentially dust-free. Mostly light, scent, and well-deodorized without chemical addition. Although not as lumpy as bentonite, it is possible to form a soft mass that, although easily broken, is still convenient for eradication and can be poured into the toilet at a small amount each time.

Disadvantages: adhesions, of which the type of adhesion of the more serious problems of light, easy to be braised outside the sand, should not buy the price side expensive. Some manufacturers claim that used litter can be used as a fertilizer, but still not considered to prevent the spread of problems such as Toxoplasma gondii.