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OEM Non Toxic Cat Litter

OEM Non Toxic Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter will clump soon if it is watered. Clumping is regular and easy to scoop. And water is absorbed and locked, no easy to flow to litter box. Good cat litter must have a super absorbent. and can effectively deodorization.

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Product Description of OEM Non toxic Cat Litter: 

1. The high absorbent mineral bentonite is particularly suitable as a quality cat litter pet litter.

2. Bentonite cat litter main feature is the clumping and deodorant, Help to keep the room clean. It also can absorb and hold the urine and feces odor, thus keep the air in your room fresh & clean.

3. Our Top adopts the advanced dust sterilization process and high temperature sterilization process from abroad with pure natural sodim bentonite for production. Non-toxic & Anti bacterial. It can keep cat litter tray dry which inhibits bacterial growth. Cat litter processed with antimicrobial is beneficial to sterilization. It can keep cat litter tray dry which inhibits bacterial growth.


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