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Natural Non Toxic Cat Litter

Natural Non Toxic Cat Litter

Product Description of Natural Non toxic cat litter : The Feature of our Natural Non toxic cat litter : Machining Process of Natural Non toxic cat litter: Our Natural Non toxic cat litter form clumping instantly on contact with liquid Below you can see the step-by-step instructions how this cat...

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Product Description:

Our company mainly produces ball bentonite cat sand and broken grain bentonite cat sand.

After years of research and exploration, our company in the production process and formula of cat litter have done a lot of improvement, make the product stable safe non-toxic, cluster and absorbing water rapidly, dust is relatively low, with great competitiveness in the same products.

The color is uniform, without impurities, the drying effect is better, the water evaporates instantaneously, and the granule surface can form a cotton.

The water content of the small fish is four percent, the water absorption saturation is higher.


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