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Friendly Non Toxic Cat Litter

Friendly Non Toxic Cat Litter

Deodorizing ability is extremely strong, not rely on chemical essence to cover stink, complete. It is the natural adsorption property of montmorillonite.

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Product Description of Friendly Non toxic Cat Litter:

TSD CAT LITTER PRODUCTS offers various kinds of packaging for cat litter.We provide plastic bags, color-printing plastic bags, kraft paper bags,carton boxes

and Ton bag. All packages can come with or without handle by your choice. All packages are available for OEM solutions. You can also ask our design department for assisting you in package design or design correction. 

Here are the most common package sizes available:

Plastic bags: 5L/ 6L/ 8L/ 10L,  4KG/5KG/8KG/10KG

Woven bag: 20KG,  25KG


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