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Strong Aggregation Eco-friendly Bentonite Cat Litter

Strong Aggregation Eco-friendly Bentonite Cat Litter

strong aggregation , crush clumping fastly ,ultra hygienic

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Product Introduction

Main ingredient: Natural bentonite

Characteristics and functions: Absolutely safe, 

                               Strong clumping, 

                               Effective deodorant

Notes Item: This product should be placed in dry and can't be touched by children.

            Don't rush into the sewer.

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Above is our regular packing.Our cat litter advantages and notes. Our cat litter contains bentonite cat litter and pine litter. The products are sold to many countries every year. And get highly evaluate. Our company has a history of 14 years. If you are intrested in our products, please contact me. We can provide free sample and design the package according to your requirement.

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