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Non Toxic Bentonite Cat Litter

Non Toxic Bentonite Cat Litter

No tracking scented cat litter Features: 1) 99.9% dust free,safe to people and cats 2) Quick coagulation,easy to scoop 3) Superior odor control,fresh scent 4) Strict sterilization system and strong anti-bacterial 5)Natural fragrance,such as lemon,lavender,apple and so on .

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Product Introduction

If your cat litter is being asked to handle a litter of cats, this is the scoopable bentonite clumping formula for you

This product is formulated to release a fresh fragrance and provide extra odor control for pet waste.

Perfect for households with multiple cats. Not only does this product have superior clumping but it also has low-tracking and low dust.

Premium choice litter contains the fewest additives possible and is all-natural, naturally.

The best formula is ironically the most basic – the purest clay and sodium bentonite available. This product is made with the purest clay and sodium bentonite available.


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