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High Absorbent Bentonite Cat Litter

High Absorbent Bentonite Cat Litter

​Bentonite cat litter,one clumping cat litter, made of the high quanlity bentonite as raw materials, and use the most advanced production and processing technology, being the strong clumping and the best effective deodorization.

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Our super-absorbent formula produces hard clumps within 15 minutes which makes clean up simple and mess free. Ledor Cat Litter with odor destroying crystals eliminates odors and is perfect for multi-cat households and controlling odors in small spaces. The dual-action of 100-percent pure sodium bentonite clay and odor trapping crystals work together to dry up moisture and lock in odors on contact. Ledor Cat Litter with odor destroying crystals is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and drastically reduces mess with low tracking and less dust.


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