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100% Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter

100% Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter

This litter is made with added bentonite to help break down and destroy ammonia and other foul odors on contact. The quick-clumping formula soaks up liquids and solids to make clean up simple and fast!

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All-natural cat litter, made from 100% Sodium Bentonite, provides excellent odor control and ease of cleaning. Its superior hard-clumping abilities makes clean up a breeze. simply scoop the clump and throw it away.

Cat Kitty Litter is a natural odor capturing product made from an organic material. This scent-free formula is perfect for odor producing cats, small spaces, and heavy litter use. It is also the first litter designed to tackle increased odors due to a high protein diet.


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