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Innovative Cat Non-toxic Litter Pet Product

Innovative Cat Non-toxic Litter Pet Product

All the materials is 100% natural. The product is non-toxic.You can use the cat litter without worry. And we can provide the free sample. You can test if you are intrested in our cat litter.

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NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC | We're committed to making sure that all of our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and recyclable, so Green and Clean is as easy on the environment as it is easy to use. Our unique Advanced Eliminator3 Formula(TM) doesn't just cover up the scent – it deep cleans and removes stains, naturally!

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE | Clean+Green’s unique 3-stage process is a proven winner! Step 1: spray on to the litter tray. Step 2: it encapsulates the source of the odor. Step 3: odor and odor source disappear as the product biodegrades naturally.


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